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We carry Fleck, Clack, Autotrol, Enpress, CSI, WaterRite, Hydrotech and Canature WaterGroup.

Residential, commercial, industrial softeners up to 900K single tank with twin and quad integrated systems.

Our VCS System for whole house removal of Hexavalent Chromium (Chromium-6), Vanadium, Strontium, Radium, Thallium, Perchlorate.

Call for proper application and design guidance.



We carry Fleck, Clack, Autotrol, Enpress, CSI, WaterRite, Hydrotech and Canature WaterGroup.

Residential, commercial, industrial filters up to 14 cu ft.

Ozone Generating Filters for Iron, Sulfur, Manganese. Plus our Glyphosate removal system for well water exposed to Round Up spraying. Revolutionary Pioneer System for Whole house Lead & Cyst Removal. 

 Call for proper application and design guidance. 

Reverse Osmosis


Our Reverse Osmosis Systems cover the entire gamete. 

Aqua Classic, Aqua Elite, Pura, Aqua Flo Quick Change, Nelsen Quick Change, Nimbus, Microline, Pentair GRO 1 to 1 membrane technology. Nelsen Commercial RO, Aveon Commerial.

From economy point of use systems to Whole house, commercial  systems up to 9600 gallons per day.

ROmate tanks, atmosperic holding and re pressurization systems.

Control Valves & Tanks


Softener and filter control valves available for replacement or upgrades to existing equipment. From 3/4" ported residential valves to 3" Commercial /Industrial valves. 

Brands Identical to new equipment control valves.

Media tanks, Retention tanks, Well pressure tanks, Chemical solution tanks, Atmospheric holding tanks.  Media tanks up to 14 cu. ft.

Brands include Structural, Enpress, Vortech, Clack and some others.

Brine tanks for softeners. Safety Float assemblies, air checks and Salt grids available.

Ultraviolet Sterilization


Ultraviolet Light Systems are an effective low maintenance way to mitigate Ecoli, choloform and other bacterial and micro organisms in potable water.

We carry the most reputable brands from point of use to whole house and commercial applications.

Manufactures include Viqua, Sterilight, Pura, Aqua Flo, Hallet and others.

Flow Rates from 2  to 180 gallons per minute.

Give us a Call for proper sizing and application.

Chemical Feed Pumps & Tanks


Chemical Injection systems are an effective way of introducing chemicals into a water supply for varying applications. 

These pumps are able to inject, at adjustable quantities, chlorine, peroxide, caustic soda and other chemicals. These systems are used for high levels of iron, sulfur, manganese, bacteria, micro organisms and pH adjustment.

We carry Stenner, Chem-Tech, Unidose and Chemilizer feed pumps. Also solution tanks, inline mixers, static mixers, flow switches, solenoid switches and all rebuild and replacement parts.

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Resin & Media


We tap multiple distributors to gain access to one of the most diverse Resin and Media supplies available.

Purolite, Carbochem, ResinTech, Dowex, Lanxess among others.

Cation, Anion, Nitrate specific, Arsenic specific, Tannin, 10% cross link.

Filtration Medias are just as broad. 

Clack, WatchWater, Prince Mineral, Martin-Marietta, Calgon, Jacobi, Etc.

Katalox, Birm, Pyrolox, Calcite, Corosex, Flo Mag, Greensand Plus, Chem-Sorb, Anthracite, GAC Granular Activated Carbon, Catalytic Carbon, KDF, Garnet, washed gravel and much more.

Softener & Filter Parts


Parts for all of our Softener and Filter valve manufacturers are available, with most in stock. 

Fleck, Clack, Autotrol, CSI, WaterRite, and many others. 

Please give us a call for parts availability and service appointment scheduling.

Annual service is recommended on all control valves.

Filter Housings, Cartridges


 Filter housings and cartridges have their place in the water treatment industry. Though often misused in application, they play an important role of sediment mitigation as pre filters in front of Softeners and In-Out filtration.

We carry a full line of Housings, 2.5"x10", 4.5"x10" and 4.5"x20".

Each size with an extensive variety of filter make up and micron ratings.

Pentek, Aqua Flo and the game changing Enpress ONE Filter tank. Boasting Eight different  cartridges, multiple sediment and carbon configurations. Also a half cubic foot re-loadable media canister for varying medias.

Accessories, tubing


We have an extensive stock of accessories for all the equipment we cary. Bypass valves, Flow switches, In line mixers, Static mixers, solenoid switches, John Guest fittings.

Drain tubing, supply tubing 1/4" and 3/8". 

 Media Neoprene tank jackets to minimize tank condensation. To many products to list. 

Please give us a call for more info regarding accessories.

Automated Pure Water Products


APW product line is an ingenious twist on many existing water treatment products.

Retention tanks, Sand filters, Battery operated automated solenoid valve, Proprietary tank adapters, Media extractors, Media tank loader, chemical mixers and much more.

Please give us a call regarding this ingenious product line.

Custom Design / Built Equipment


All of our Systems have the ability to be designed specifically for your water chemistry. Based on analytical test results provded by the customer or performed by us and an accredited laboratory.

Resins and Medias blended and tailored for your water chemistry.

Give us a Call for your Custom System Today!