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We Have the Water Treatment Solution for You!

We Have the Water Treatment Solution for You!

We Have the Water Treatment Solution for You!We Have the Water Treatment Solution for You!

Treatment Designed for Your Water Chemistry.

Treatment Designed for Your Water Chemistry.

Treatment Designed for Your Water Chemistry.



Contrary to popular belief, water treatment is not cookie cutter. One size does not fit all. The need for an accurate water analysis is necessary, along with the number of residents and a maximum service flow rate for your home or business application. Often times we are able to address multiple water quality issues in a single tank.

Our reputation of successfully treating water all over the country, with thousands of satisfied clients, speaks for itself. We pride ourselves in helping home and business owners, large or small, fix their water.... Simply and Cost effectively!

Industry Leading Equipment

Treatment Designed for Your Water Chemistry.

Treatment Designed for Your Water Chemistry.


Not only can we sell you a water treatment system for 30% to 50% less.
We offer the most modern state of the art equipment available, as well as the tried and true work horses of the business, depending on your needs.

Want to Install it Yourself?

We Ship out of 10 different Warehouses across the USA.



Knowledge & Integrity

Treatment Designed for Your Water Chemistry.

Knowledge & Integrity


Our highly trained staff of Certified Water Specialists (CWS), have the skills to evaluate your water quality issues and provide you with properly designed equipment, tailored specifically for your water chemistry.

Our boots on the ground operations, currently covering NC, SC, GA, VA, TN, feature highly trained and certified Water Treatment Technicians. We provide annual service locally, rebed materials and equipment upgrades across the country and abroad with thousands of satisfied customers.

We Have the Solution to Your Water Quality Needs! 


Have You and Your Water Been at Odds? We can Help with a Resolution!

Do  you have issues with your municipal, community or well water supply?

Do you Know if You Have Issues?

Water Quality issues range from nuisance taste and odor, to extreme hardness, iron, manganese and sulfur levels. In some cases, compromising every inch of plumbing infrastructure, water heaters, 

appliances and fixtures in the home.

These are the issues we can Taste, See and Feel.

 Other issues can be much less obvious. The pH of the water we use everyday can be acidic, aggressively attacking skin and hair, promoting chronic skin irritation and hair discoloration. Acidic water attacks all metal components of the plumbing. At risk are copper pipes with lead solder and leaded brass fixtures that can leach dissolved lead into our water in which we drink and bathe.

Many water supplies, be it municipal or well, have recently come under scrutiny all over the country from Environmental Awareness Groups and State Environmental Quality officials.

Most of the constituents in question are known carcinogens, yet odorless and tasteless.

 Does your  Well , Community or Municipal Water Supply have levels of Hexavalent Chromium  (Chromium-6), Vanadium, Strontium, Radium or Thallium that are Unacceptable to You?

The coal ash ponds associated with burning coal for power generation have become a hot topic as it relates to river, lake and ground water quality. Unacceptable levels of these constituents are being found all over the country  in ground water and municipal water supplies, where no coal burning has ever existed. 

Many states, including NC and CA, have adopted lower limits when dealing with constituents such as 

Vanadium, Hexavalent Chromium (Chromium-6) and Strontium.

Aqua Pure Water Treatment Solutions has partnered with the world leader in water treatment resins and media as well as the world leader in water treatment equipment and controls. As a result, we can offer a cost effective solution to not only reduce the contaminants, but to remove them to levels of "Non Detection"! 

These constituents are being removed on a whole house level, not just point of use!

- - All the water in the home:  Water for drinking, bathing, showering, cooking.


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We Have the Water Treatment Solution for You! 

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